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Privacy & Cookies

Unlike the plot of one of my books, I want you to know exactly how I may use the information this website and my social media pages collect about you.


I collect information from you via my website or social media pages to help promote me and my books.  

Sending you updates about me, via email, when you have subscribed to my mailing list. 

Managing any purchases you make for signed copies of my books and giveaways I run. 

Reviewing aggregated information about my followers to better understand what to post and when. 

FYI - I can't identify you personally from this. 

Responding to any of you when you comment on my posts or send me a message. 


Most of the information I collect is aggregated, which means it is gathered together and presented to me in a way which means I cannot identify you.  It provides me information like: 

How many of you like my posts and the most likely time of day people look at them

The regions my followers live in. 

What your top interests are. 


FYI - most of my twitter followers are most interested in dogs and not books…

I'll only ever collect information which can identify you when you provide me with your contact details to manage the purchase of a signed book or it is included in messages we exchange via social media. 


I can collect and use your information either because you have agreed to it being used in that way - either directly to me when you sign up for the newsletter or via your preferences with the social media company. 


Sometimes, I can collect and use your information in this way as it is in my interests to do so to make sure I can interact with you in the best way possible.  I'll always consider your interests too and I'll never use your information in a way which is unfair to you.  Also, I'll only hold onto your information as long as necessary and I'll never share anything which might identify you with anyone else, unless it is necessary (e.g. to fulfil an order). 


You have rights about how anyone uses your information.  These include the right to access, rectify, restrict, port, erase and object.


Information about these rights and when they are applicable are available on the Your Data Matters page of the Information Commissioner's Office website here.

You can contact me anyway to make your rights request and I will come back to you within a month. Some of the key rights which are most likely to be applicable to your information and the way I may use it are:

If you don't want my website to use certain cookies, you can update the settings on your web browser at any time or by using the preference centre provided.

If you would like to stop receiving my newsletter, contact me or click on the unsubscribe button on any mailings you have received from me. 

If you are on social media and see 'Sponsored' under one of my posts, you'll know I've paid for you to see it.  You can change your settings on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you don't want to see these anymore. 

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