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My 60 second interview with Peter Swanson

This week’s 60 Second Interview is an important one for me.

When I’m asked who my favourite authors are, way up there in my top three list is Peter Swanson.

I’ve been a huge fan-boy of Peter’s ever since I read The Kind Worth Killing some seven years ago. And I’ve read everything he’s written since.

What I love about his novels is that you never know what to expect from book to the next. And that’s something I hope my readers get from my books.

I purposefully didn’t ask Peter to take part in my 60 Second Interviews until recently because (a) They say never meet your heroes or you’ll end up disappointed and (b) I’d have been gutted if he’d said ’no.’

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Not only did he immediately agree, it also turns out he’s a lovely bloke too!

I hope you enjoy watching it.

PS: Watch to the very end for surprise The Kind Worth Killing news….

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